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A #1 Best Selling horror author on Amazon, wannabe cryptozoologist/monster hunter, and fan of general weirdness (both real and imagined), Tony Urban has traveled over one hundred thousand miles seeking out everything from haunted asylums to UFO crash sites to creatures like Bigfoot and the Mothman. In a previous life, he worked as a hack in the independent movie industry, but he finds his current career much more exciting. 
His first books were offbeat travelogues, but recently his zombie apocalypse series, "Life of the Dead", has been a bestseller online and has grossed out readers all over the globe. He's currently finishing that series and writing way... too... slow... Next up is probably a horror novel about a monster in the woods of Pennsylvania. He's basing it on real life incidents. Not really.  
Tony is a Jeeper who always tries to wave, a huge fan of dogs, loves road trips, obsesses over Maine, enjoys a good conspiracy theory, and watches way too many horror movies. His ultimate goal in life is to be killed by a monster thought by most to be imaginary. Sasquatch, werewolves, chupacabras...he’s not picky. If that fails, he’d enjoy a long and prosperous career as a full time writer. Which of those two scenarios is more likely is up to the readers to decide. 


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My preferred means of communication is via message in a bottle. But, if you don't want to wait years for a response, feel free to email me. 

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