The Ark - Life of the Dead Book 3

The Ark - Life of the Dead Book 3


"The Ark" is Tony's third book in the epic Life of the Dead series. Signed paperbacks are $10 plus $5 shipping.

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They survived the zombie apocalypse, but that might be the least of their problems…

After discovering The Ark, a mysterious island compound founded by Ramey's father, Wim and his companions soon realize that it's not the Utopia they'd imagined and find themselves oppressed by the brutal and often bizarre leadership.

With threats mounting both within and outside the walls, Wim and Ramey's relationship becomes strained, even as the mystery regarding the undead deepens. Wim questions whether safety and companionship is worth such sacrifice.

Can Wim and Ramey salvage what's left of their lives, and find where they truly belong? Or will the dead take over and triumph at last?

The Ark is the third in an undead saga of post-apocalyptic zombie novels. If you enjoy fascinating characters and nail-biting action, then you'll love this gory tale. Get it today and find out what happens when you're pushed to your limits.