Road of the Damned

Road of the Damned


"Road of the Damned" is Tony's second book in the epic Life of the Dead series. Signed paperbacks are $10 plus $5 shipping.

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They’ve survived the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, now the real adventure begins…

After abandoning his farm, Wim hits the road to search for Ramey, the mysterious young woman who flitted in and out of his life. With only an X on a map, the task seems impossible, but Wim won’t give up.

Across the land, the undead rule and the few remaining survivors find themselves in a constant battle for survival. Some team up while others become lone wolves, ever on the move.

Can they find safety with Ramey's father? Or perhaps in the mysterious government bunker? What are their odds when flesh-eating zombies wait around every turn to devour them?

Road of the Damned is the second in an undead saga of post-apocalyptic zombie novels. If you like non-stop action and gory details, then you'll love this bloody tale. Get it today and find out what it takes to survive the end of the world.