31 Days of Halloween

I'm something of a Halloween addict. As soon as the first pumpkins begin to appear in the waning days of August, I can feel the excitement building and, by the time the calendar flips to October, I can barely contain myself. This mania culminates with the Carving of the Pumpkins, a ritual that takes on an almost Holy reverence in my home, but a close second to the joy I get from slicing and dicing those orange bundles of joy is the act of watching at least one horror movie every day. This year, I decided to keep track of what exactly I watch. I wish I'd have kept it in chronological viewing order, but I lost track early on and going through piles of DVDs and blu-rays which I still haven't bothered to put away had to suffice. And so, here it goes.

1. Emelie
2. Dark Exorcism
3. He Knows You're Alone
4. The Funhouse
5. The Howling
6. Man VS.
7. Dark Fields
8. Martyrs (remake)
9. Rites of Spring
10. Sleepwalkers
11. A Nightmare on Elm Street
12. Hell Night
13. The Crazies (remake)
14. Candyman
15. Deathdream
16. Flesheater
17. Inside
18. Creepshow 2
19. Trick 'r Treat
20. Husk
21. Hellions
22. Grizzly
23. Slither
24. House of Wax (remake)
25. The Town that Dreaded Sundown
26. The Town that Dreaded Sundown (sequel)
27. Don't Look Now
28. The Mist
29. The Fog (remake)
30. Thinner
31. The Tooth Fairy
32. Deliver Us from Evil
33. The Burrowers
34. The House of the Devil
35. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
36. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
37. The Evil Dead
38. Night of the Demons
39. Night of the Demons 2
40. Night of the Demons 3
41. Pumpkinhead
42. Rest Stop
43. Murder Party
44. Mask Maker
45. Satan's Cheerleaders
46. The Hole
47. Clownhouse
48. Halloween
49. Halloween II
50. Halloween H20
51. Halloween Resurrection
52. Happy Hell Night
53. Monster Squad
54. Night of the Creeps
55. Satan's Little Helper
56. The Hollow
57. One Dark Night
58. Body Parts
59. Haute Tension
60. Lady in White
61. Trick or Treat
62. Mischief Night
63. Silver Bullet
64. Primal Rage
65. Madison County
66. 31
67. Dartmoor Killing
68. Mortuary
69. Hell High
70. Fender Bender
71. It Follows
72. Halloween III
73. The Purge: Election Year

Looking over this list, I feel accomplished and lame at the same time.  Pretty much how I feel every day. Happy Halloween!

Tony Urban